RN-100061: Auto Accept Digital Dispatched Motor Club Calls


Motor Clubs that are set up for electronic dispatching can now have the system automatically accept a job, submitting a Default ETA and a Default High ETA Reason. Auto Accept can also be turned on and off by users directly from the Dispatch Dashboard.


  1. To allow auto accept on a specific registration go to Setup  > Integrations > Motor Clubs (Click Any)
  2. Create or Edit a configuration
    • To edit a motor club, first force Logout and/or deregister the motor club 
  3. Click the Allow Auto Accept checkbox
  4. Give the registration and Auto Accept Label - used to identify the dispatch registration
  5. Click Register
  6. To Enable auto Accept go to the Dispatch Dashboard Screen and Click on the new ETA Defaults / Motor Club button
  7. Configure the following
    • Checking the auto Accept check box will start automatically accepting calls returning the request with the ETA given in the box and the reason for high ETA if applicable
    • Default ETA (required if Auto Accept is checked) is the expected minutes required to reach the call
    • Reason for High ETA (required if ETA > 90 minutes)
  8. Access is given to the users roles with the ISS Dispatch - Manage Auto Accept permission
    • This permission is found by going to Setup  > Users > Permissions > Integrations > ISSC 


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