AR Statements & Payments

Omadi offers the ability to effortlessly generate Accounts Receivable Statements (A/R Statements) and record payments. The following instructions guide you through generating AR Statements and recording payments in Omadi:

  1. Access the Aged Receivables Report from the Reports drop down in the black menu bar located at the top of the screen.
  2. Select “Create Statement” for the desired Bill To client.
  3. Fill in all required fields and select Invoices to include in the Statement by checking the checkbox(s) to the left of the invoices before saving the Statement. Removing a checkmark will exclude the Invoice from the Statement. Select the Save button to create the Statement. 
  4. You may view, print, or email the Statement by selecting the PDF or email icon from the Available Templates box. 
  5. To apply a payment, select the “Apply Payment” button. 
  6. Enter the amount to be paid, select the payment type, and choose “Apply to All” to split the payment between all invoices or apply specific amounts to individual invoices by manually entering an amount in the ‘Apply’ field to the right of the invoice balance. 
  7. You may also apply a credit to the Statement by selecting the “Apply Credit” button while viewing the Statement. 
  8. To access existing Statements select “Statements” from the Customers drop down in the black menu bar. 


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