PDF Templates

PDF Templates

Omadi offers a powerful recording and invoicing tool that can be attached to any form in your Omadi system. This feature allows users to automatically create a PDF record that can contain any information kept on a specific form. 


  • To configure the PDF record, the user must first create a PDF template by performing the following steps:
  • Select Document & Email Templates from the main Setup page. 



  • To edit an existing template, select Edit  in the operations column for the corresponding template.
  • To create a new template, click on New Template in the top right hand corner of the screen. 


  • Enter the desired information for Template Title.
  • Choose whether or not to Enforce Permissions. This will allow you to choose which user profile roles have access to download, view, and email this specific PDF template. 
  • Click on the drop-down box for Template Type and then select Email or Simple PDF Template, and wait for additional options to appear. 
  • It is possible to select MS Word Template. This allows you to build and format your own template inside of MS Word, and then upload it to Omadi. To use this option, create your text and then use the Replaceable Field Token Codes information provided below. Please note that photo uploads are not compatible with the MS Word Template. 


  • In the Base Form drop-down box, select the desired form to associate with the template.
  • Scroll down until you can view the Template Body text box and basic format editor. 



  • Enter the desired text and formatting for the template itself. All automatically generated PDFs will reflect the information built in to this template. For information needed from within the form itself, use the Replaceable Fields with the appropriate Token Code that you can select from the fields listed. Be sure to copy and paste the token codes to correctly transfer them into your template. Token codes will reference and autofill data from the completed form in Omadi, drawing in the information from the form to populate the PDF. 
  • Make use of the Insert button. This tool will insert a designated token code into the template body wherever your cursor has selected. This is quicker than copy/paste and more accurate than typing out the token code manually. 
  • You can save a lot of time at this part of the process by borrowing text and formatting from an already existing PDF template. To do this, select the PDF template you want to copy and scroll to the Template Body section. Click on Source, which will display the HTML code for the template. Select and copy all the the HTML code, and then open a new window with your new template in it. Find the Template Body and click on Source for this new template. Paste the copied code into this box. Click Source one last time to revert back to normal text, and continue to edit the text as normal. 
  • Adding a Reply To field at this stage will ensure that when your clients receive this type of PDF notification that their responses will be routed directly to you for prompt and accurate responses, instead of possibly being lost in the nether of the internet. 


  • You can add tables with various rows and columns to help with more complex formatting requirements. Click on the table option and complete the pop-up window to create a new table. 
  • To add an image to a PDF, such as a company logo, click on the image option and upload the desired file.


  • You can upload new files by selecting Upload in the new window that opens, and then insert that file by selecting it from the newly added File box. The new file upload window will then close automatically. 


  • When you have finished editing the template, click Save on the bottom left of the page. 
  • To generate a new PDF, find a form entry from. On the right hand side, under Available Templates you will find the title of the newly created template. Click on the Adobe PDF icon, and a PDF record will open in a new window, autofilling with the information from the form entry information corresponding to the token codes that have been built into the template itself. 



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