RN-100058: Topaz Signature Pad


Omadi Signature Fields can now accept signatures with a Topaz electronic signature pad. Currently the supported models include:

T-LBK750 (HSB Pad) Model Series SigLite LCD 4x3

The Topaz Installation Guide below will walk you through initial installation of the signature pad, on your PC. Apple computers are incompatible.

Topaz Installation Guide

The Topaz Executable File will download the file to be installed on the PC connected to the Topaz pad. 

Topaz Executable File 

Electronic Signature Pad - SigLite LCD 4x3

T-LBK750 Model Series SigLite LCD 4x3



  1. Have an Omadi Agent activate the Topaz Module
  2. Download and install the Topaz Executable File
  3. If installing the supported model the following information should be inputted during the installation of the executable file
    • Model: T-LBK750
    • HSB
    • Ends in BHSB
  4. Once the installation is complete, test that the pad sends signatures to the attached PC by going to the following link: http://www.sigplusweb.com/sigwebtablet_demo.htm 
  5. The signature fields will now have a Sign Pad option which will activate the signature pad: prompting the user with the Amount Due, Text for Signature, and then requesting a signature.
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