RN-100057: Delayed Triggers


Triggers can now execute an action at a delayed time rather then instant they are activated. If a criteria for activating a trigger is also included, that criteria will be evaluated right before the action is executed in addition to the moment the trigger is created.



  1. On the setup page , go to the properties page of a form
  2. Select the Triggers tab 
  3. Edit or create a new trigger
  4. Select the Delay tab 
  5. Choose a Reference Field (All date fields on the form) 
  6. Choose When To Execute the delay 
    • Field Date: Trigger will execute at the time specified in the reference 
    • Field Date + Set Value: Trigger will execute a set number of hours, minutes, or days, after the time specified in the reference field
    • Field Date + Numeric Field Value: Trigger will execute a variable number of hours, minutes, or days, (specified by a numeric field) after the time specified in the reference field. A blank numeric field will assume a value of 0.
  7. Click Submit to finish
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