RN-100054: Amounts Fields - View only Price Item values



Prices for specific items in amounts fields can now be set to view only. Meaning the price (or number) that defaults for a given line item would be view-able only if the user's role(s) are prevented from editing the defaulted value.

This restriction applies only if there is a default value for the price item. If the selected price item does not bring in a pre-set default value, then the user will have the ability to add a value and save.



  1. On the setup page , go to the fields page of a form that uses an amounts field
  2. Select Properties for an amounts field
  3. Select the Options tab
  4. Under View Only Amount Field select the roles that should not have the ability to change defaulted prices or amount (this will not prevent the user from editing other parts of the Amounts field)
  5. Click Save Field Settings to finish
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