RN-100053: Labels for Form Conversions



Labels have been added to form conversions giving admin the ability to configure how the commands appear to the users on mobile and web. By default a new form conversion will place text matching the original "change to" and "copy to" vocabulary. However these labels can be change to terms that are now more relatable to users.


  1. On the setup page , go to the properties of a form that has a form conversion (or for a form that you wish to create a new form conversion)
  2. Select the Form Conversions Tab
  3. Select the form conversion that you wish to edit, or select Add a from conversion (to create a new conversion)
    Note: if you are creating a new conversion then you must select the destination form.
  4. Once form conversion configuration page, update the Label field to the desired phrasing.
  5. Click Save to finish
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