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In the Setup portion of the manual we go over how to edit and customize reports, so if you need a refresher on how to do those things click this link, but in this section we'll give you an overview of what each of Omadi report is actually reporting.

(These are reports that have already been created by Omadi creator specialists and are available to you.)

Accounts Receivables

This report shows which accounts have an outstanding balance so that you are able to see who owes your company money at a quick glance.

Daily Totals

This a report that will show exactly how much revenue was brought in on each day of the week. This report consists of information gathered from forms such as PPI, Drop Fee, General Tow, Service, etc; that calculate and document money received or refunded by your company.

Monthly Revenue

This is a report a lot like the Daily Totals report but instead of showing how much revenue was brought in each day, shows how much revenue has been brought in over the course of a month.  

Non-Verified Payments

This report will show you at a glance which payments you've received that have no been verified yet.

Payroll Report

The Payroll Report breaks down payroll by each employee and their time card hours, PPIs, General Tows, or any other form that their pay is based on.


This report gives a full display of all the refunds that have been given back to drivers of towed vehicles. This report typically pulls information from PPI, General Tow and Drop Fee forms.

Time card Report

Using this report you can see how many hours each employee has been clocked in for over the course of any selected period of time.

Today's Revenue

Today’s Revenue is a report that will show exactly how much revenue was brought in on the current date.  This report consists of information from other reports that are used to measure payments that are received or refunded, such as the PPI, Drop Fee, General Tow, Service reports, etc.

Verified Payments

This is a report of all payments that have been verified.

Yesterday's Revenue 

Another report that is similar to the Daily Totals and Monthly Revenue reports but it shows yesterday's total revenue based on information pulled from forms like the PPI form, Drop Fee, General Tow, etc.

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