Beginners Guide

Hello! Welcome to Omadi. This is our user manual, written as simply as possible to help as you navigate your new software. Of course, you can always contact the Omadi Support Center with any questions, however this manual is a useful tool for both quick questions that you think you can figure out on you own and some of the more difficult questions that might take a little research.

In this section of the manual we've included some information on the most basic tasks in Omadi, along with links to other manual sections that have more detailed information on each subject. 

Company Users

The company users page is used to manage the employees that you want to add as users in the Omadi system (typically drivers or guards, managers, admins, etc.) On this page you can add new users, update users profiles and roles as well as assign permissions to each role, see what actions your users have recently performed, and even see which devices your users have logged into the Omadi Mobile app with.

Client Logins

Omadi provides for a client portal that allows your company's clients to log in and see some of the things that you have been doing on their property. They can also make updates in this portal (i.e. if there is a car in the parking lot that should not be towed they can add it to the do not tow list.)


Default roles are typically Site Admin, Manager, Dispatcher, Driver, Guard, etc. however you can create new roles that better fit your company. Each role that you create can be given specific permissions.

Export/Import Properties

You can add every property that you patrol or work with into Omadi by using the Property form. This allows you to simply and quickly connect work that you're doing to the property that you're doing it on. It also allows property managers to see what's been going on.


Dispatching a call is where it all begins. To create a new dispatch hover your mouse over Dispatch in the black menu bar at the top of your Omadi page and select New Dispatch. Fill in all of the necessary information in the Call Information region, such as job type, dispatcher, dispatch status, and of course who you're sending the dispatch request to.


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