In this section we'll cover forms that are not necessarily pertinent to your companies work but are important to your overall business. These are forms that your employees will likely be filling out on a regular basis although they are not, like was just stated, forms that document daily work.

Fuel Stop

The fuel stop form will help you keep track of your companies vehicles and the refueling of them. This form can be found by hovering your mouse over the More tab in the black menu bar and then selecting Fuel Stop. On this page you can see a list of all fuel stops or if you want to create a new one select the blue button at the top left side of the page that says New Fuel Stop. Fill out all of the necessary information every time you put gas in a company car and select Save.  

Incident Report

This is a report that can be filled out anytime police are involved with a job that you are working on and you need to collect information to provide them with. To create a new incident report hover your mouse over More in the black menu bar and select New Incident Report. Fill out all of the necessary information and select Save. This form has space for date/time info, incident type etc. along with a section to put witnesses and their contact information. 

If there was damage done to a company vehicle you can fill out the Auto Accident section of the form.


This form can be filled out at the beginning and end of every shift so that you can maintain the upkeep of your vehicles and hold employees responsible for any damage that might be done during a shift.

To create a new Inspection hover your move over More, then Inspection then over New Inspection and select whether this is an End of Shift report or a Review/ Repair

Fill out all of the required information and select Save.

Time Card

Users can clock in and out using Omadi. To do this just hover your mouse over More, find Time Card and hover your over it and select Clock In/ Clock out.

All of these forms can also be filled out in the mobile but just selecting the form that you want to fill out and then entering in the right information. In most cases these forms will be created via the mobile app but it is not uncommon for one to be filled on the web browser occasionally as well. 

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