Company Management

In this article we will go over some things that Omadi offers to help you manage your company to the best of your ability. 


The Truck tab allows you to keep up with all of your company vehicles. If you hover your mouse over the More tab in the black menu bar at the top of the page you will see the Truck tab. You can hover your mouse over the Truck tab and either view the list of vehicles or create a new entry by selecting New Truck.

When creating a new truck just fill out all the required information and select Save at the bottom of the page. 

Tow Yard

You can store details about your companies different impound lots by creating a new Tow Yard in Omadi. Once you've created a tow yard you can reference it in different forms. 

Hover your mouse over More in the black menu bar (or find the Tow Yard tab in the menu bar) and find Tow Yard, and select New Tow Yard. Fill out all necessary information and select Save at the bottom of the page.


You can send announcements or any kind of notifications to various Omadi users. First find the Notifications tab in the black menu bar at the top of the page (it might stand alone in the menu but it also might be under the More tab.) So see a list of notifications that have been sent out click Notification List or to create a new notification select New. On this page you can type any message you want to send in the Message box, select who you want to send it to in the Audience box and even reference an account by typing the name of one into the Account Reference box. Make sure that you check one or both of the check boxes next to Also send Text Message and Also send Email in order to send the notification via text or email. When you are done select Save from the bottom of the page. 

After a notification has been saved you can view it in the Notification List. When looking at this list you can also Edit or Delete notifications by selecting one of those buttons next to the notification that you want to edit or delete.   


Task provides a way to either create a personal “To-Do” list or create a task for someone else. Once a task is created, the assigned person is not notified by default. For details on how, please contact your Omadi account manager. 

You can find the Task tab either by hovering your mouse over the More tab in the black menu bar, or you may have the Task tab already available in the menu.

To create a new task, select the blue New Task button at the top of the Task List page, or select New Task when hovering your mouse over the Task tab. 


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