RN-100051: Address Field Improvements: GPS Coordinates, Required Settings



Address fields now include latitude and longitude fields. By default these fields do not show unless the map is expanded. If no GPS coordinates are specified by the user then the system will automatically pull that data from Omadi's map API. However if coordinates are specified then these will prevent the system from pulling that data unless that data is removed. 

Admin can now specify which parts of an address field are required. Available options include street, City, State/Provence, and Postal Code.  Admin can also specify whether user added GPS coordinates will satisfy these requirements. If GPS coordinates can satisfy the address requirements then the Longitude and Latitude fields will show with the other address fields when the address map is collapsed.


The above changes are automatically available on the address field options screen.

  1. Go to the address field you wish to modify by first going to Setup 
  2. Under From Management select Fields under the applicable form type 
  3. Find the address field and select edit
  4. Select the options tab
  5. Configure the When Required, Which Fields are Needed? section by checking the boxes
  6. Click Save Field Settings to finalize


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