To make changes to your time format, calendar, and timezone go to the Settings page (from the setup page). From this page you can also choose what each employee with a certain role assigned to them will see when they log in to the Omadi website. You can also put an email that will be used as the “from” email for any email sent through Omadi by your company.


Locale Settings

  • Time Zone – From the drop down list, select the desired local time and time zone. Dates and times throughout this site will be displayed using this time zone.
  • Time Format – A preference item of displaying the current time.
  • First Day of the Calendar Week – Select the desired day of the week on which the calendar week will start.
  • First Day of the Business Week – Select the desired day of the week on which the business week will start.


Login Options

  • First Page After Login – Select from the drop down list what the specific role will view once they log in to Omadi. If a user has more than one role with different home pages, the role highest in this list will be used.
  • Client Logins – Select from the drop down list what the client will view once they log in. Options to disable specifics to the client are also available.


Email Options

If this text box is filled, this email address will be sent a copy of all outgoing mail from Omadi.


GPS Options

Check the box to show accounts on live map.


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