The Menu is the black bar that appears at the top of your Omadi site. You can make changes to this bar by going to the setup page and selecting Menu. The Menu page is fairly straightforward. Any rows that are situated to the left will appear in the menu bar as a drop-down menu. Items shifted slightly to the right will appear under a drop-down menu. 

New Drop-Down

  • After selecting Menu from the setup page, add a new drop-down menu by clicking + New Drop-Down.
  • On the following page, enter a title for the menu in the text box titled Menu Title.
  • Press Save when you are finished.

You can click and drag any item into a different position. The items closest to the top will appear on the left hand side of the menu bar. Click and drag items under any drop-down menu title and pull items slightly to the right. After you have saved this page they will appear in the drop-down menu to which they have been designated when you hover your mouse over it in the menu bar.

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