RN-100047: Custom HTML Pages



Site admin now have the ability to create html based pages for their system. These pages can be limited to specific user roles and can be set as that role's default login screen. By design this functionality may be used to provide your clients and employees instructions, hyperlinks to other resources, and other information as soon as they log into your system. 


Prior to using custom pages have an Omadi agent activate the custom pages module.

Granting access to Custom Pages 

  1. Go to the setup page 
  2. Under Data Management select the Custom Pages configuration page
  3. On the Configure Access screen select the roles that should have access to custom pages by checking the applicable check box
  4. Click Save to finish 

Creating a New Custom Page

  1. Navigate to the Custom Pages Configuration Page
  2. Select New Custom Page (URL: yourdomain.omadi.com/custom_pages/new)
  3. Configure the page
    • Add a Page Title
    • Select Enforce permissions to specify which roles have access to this page (if left unchecked all roles that have access to Custom Pages will have access to this page)
    • Add a page body using the Template Editor or by pasting in your own html source code.
  4. Select Save to finish

Configuring a User's Default Login Screen

  1. Go to the setup page 
  2. Under CRM Organization select Settings
  3. Under Login Options specify the screen to be the first page after login (If the page does not appear then that role does not have permissions to that page or permissions to custom pages as a whole.)
  4. Click Save Settings to finish
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