Creating Custom Forms

Here is some basic information about Forms:

Fields are specific, individual items.

Regions are areas of a form that group related Fields together. Regions and fields may be added, removed, and edited directly by selecting Edit Fields next to the form you wish to edit on the setup page.

Form Parts are different sections of a form that will be filled out during different stages of the workflow (i.e. for a towing company, one form part might be filled out as the car is being towed and a second form part might be filled out as that car is being released back to the owner. Two different parts, same form.) To add, remove, or edit a form part, select Properties next to the form you wish to edit on the setup page, then select Advanced Settings.  WARNING: Do not make changes to form parts without first consulting with an Omadi Support agent. If changes are made to a form part of a form that has already been used, information can be lost and lots of other frustrating issues will ensue. 

To create a custom form:

  • Select New Custom Form in the top left of the Setup Screen.
  • Title the form in the Form Name text box.
  • Select Submit in the bottom left corner.

Now you can create regions and add fields to these regions. 

Adding Regions:

  • Select New Region at the top of the page
  • Label the region and select Submit
  • Edit the region at any time by selecting Edit Region

Adding Fields: (for descriptions on the various available fields please go to Fields)

  • Select Add Field with in the region that you have just created
  • Choose a field that best fits the question you want answered
  • Label the field and set any other parameters using the tabs on the left side of the page
  • Select Save Field Settings

To view and fill out the form that you created find your forms name in the black menu bar at the top of the page and hover the mouse over it. Select “new” and fill out the required information.

For more guidance when creating a form please feel free to contact a member of the Omadi Support team. 801-800-8250

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