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Omadi provides for a client portal that allows your company's clients to log in and see some of the things that you have been doing on their property. They can also make updates in this portal (i.e. if there is a car in the parking lot that should not be towed they can add it to the do not tow list.) You will likely want to give each of your clients a login to this client portal, to do this:

  • Click on the gear icon in the right hand corner
  • Select the link Client Logins 
  • On the top left side of the page select New Client Login 
  • Give the client a username and an email address, it doesn’t have to be a real address but it must be unique. (Note, this is the email address that the client will receive Omadi notifications on.) Create a password for the client (the client can reset the password later.) Make sure that the status is set to Active. The box that says Client Account is an auto fill box, as you begin typing which account this client is with it will automatically fill with the account name as long as you have already created the account. (So you will want to create all accounts before creating Client Logins, see Export/ Import Properties.) 

Check the box in the bottom left of the screen if you would like to notify the client of their new account. By default, the client will not receive a notification. 

After creating a client login, your clients will be able to access the client portal by going to your companies Omadi website (companyname.omadi.com) and signing in with the username and password that you created for them. 

Tag Approval:

In many instances, clients will want to be able to approve tags before you tow so this is the default for your clients. However, you can disable the tag approval if you have a client that does not want to be required to approve tags. To disable this requirement:

  • Log in to your Omadi account.
  • Hover the mouse over the Property tab in the black bar and select List from the drop down options. 
  • Find the client that requested to disable the tag approval requirement.
  • Select Edit
  • Go to the Patrolling region and check the box “Manager does NOT want to approve tags”. 

Note: Leave this box unchecked if the property manager wants to approve tags.

Client Roles:

Client roles are a lot like user roles. They are what determines the kind of access each client has. You can create your own client roles and then assign each role specific permissions. 

Client List:

The main Client Login page will show a list of every client that you have created a username and password for. You can filter this list to find certain clients by filling in the information at the top of the page in the Show Only Users Where section. 

Client Access:

Clients have access to several things when they log in to the client portal. They can view things that have been done on their property, they can approve tags to be towed, and they can add vehicles to the Do Not Tow list as well as create permits for visitor vehicles. 

The client portal is relatively self explanatory. After a client logs in they can hover their mouse over More in the black bar at the top of the page and select either Do Not Tow or Permit Request to either add a car to one of those lists or to view the cars that are already on those lists. 

For more information on client roles you can watch this video:

And for more information on client logins watch this video:

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