Orphaned Photos are Saved in Omadi



“Orphaned” files are files that are attached to a form, but are disconnected. From this update, when a user disconnects, backs out of or deletes a file with an image, the software will immediately save that image to the server with the orphaned files.

To retrieve the orphaned photos:

At this time, you have to add "mobile_sync/orphaned-files" to the end of the domain.

So, for example, if "example" were your Omadi account domain name, you would enter "https://example.omadi.com/mobile_sync/orphaned-files". Our developers are currently working on implementing a link to take to the user directly there, but, for now, you have to add that extension to get to the page. App links and links on the setup page are also to come for this feature.


This change is automatic and cannot be configured.

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