RN-100050: Email Scraping - New product offering*

*New Product Offerings - These features are completely new and may require updates to billing. Contact Omadi's customer support for current pricing, or to confirm if your current subscription includes this functionality. 


Data from system generated emails can now automatically create an entry in an Omadi form. This service works with any email that maintains a consistent format including motor clubs or other work forms. Text based PDF attachments can also be scrapped.

This functionality is script based meaning that a script must be written to map the email data to a form field. Scripts can be written, tested, and maintained by site admin. This release includes the following functionality:

  • Unlimited configurable scraping templates
  • Configurable error messages
  • Editable scripts after initial creation
  • Testable scripts with actual emails
  • Revisions to previous script version

Once scripts are configured, applicable emails sent to the systems associated email address wil create new nodes. The associated email address is [domain]@omadiemail.com where [domain] is the first part of a systems web url. (i.e. [domain].omadi.com)


An Omadi agent need to enable the SMTP Email Scraper module.

  1. Navigate to the Email Scraping setup page. Setup > Integrations > Email Scraping
  2. Select the Set Up tab, and add an email address to the Email To Address field. (This address will receive all email notifications of errors with the email scraper).
  3. Edit the email subject line as desired.

Script Configuration:

  1. Select the Scripts tab. (This tab configures how an email is recognized and recorded in Omadi)
  2. Create a new script by clicking Create new script. Edit a script by clicking on the desired script label.

Edit Tab

Script Label

The label will be referenced by the recognizer script and can include only letters, numbers, underscore, and hyphen. This is editable and only seen on the setup page.

Node Type

This the node type that will be created upon a successful email scrape (using this script). It is only configurable during the initial creation of the script.

Script Content

This the logic that will be used to scrape an email. Additional information on how to right custom scrapes may be requested.

Test Tab


A sample email may be pasted into this box so that a script may be tested. To test a script, click the scrape button. Data successfully scraped will be identified. Errors will also identified.

Script Content

This is the same content from the edit tab, however changes made in the box do not save when clicking Save changes.

Revisions Tab


View a version of the scipt.


Change the current version to this version.

Current Version

The current script being used.

Make Node Tab

Email Text

Paste an email and click create node to validate to create a test node in your system. If the node come in as expected then your system is configured to scrape emails.











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