RN-100046: Conditional Row Formatting



This feature allows the background color of rows on list views to change based on a given search criteria. Conditional Formatting is configured on a specific list view, allowing for different criteria to be established all list views. Multiple criteria may be established for a given condition, and multiple conditions may be set up on a listview. In the event that multiple conditions apply, the first ordered condition will be the one that is selected.


Navigate to the list view you wish to edit

  1. Once you are viewing the list you wish to configure, click edit
  2. Go to the Conditional Formatting tab, select Add Condition
  3. Click in the color box and either enter an HTML color code or use the pop up color wheel to select a color.
  4. Click Add Field Condition and configure a criteria for applying the condition (multiple may be added)
  5. Add additional conditions by repeating steps 2-4
  6. Click Save when finished
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