Action Buttons



Action buttons will give users the option to make quick changes to a specific form based on criteria that is set.


An Omadi agent needs to enable the Action module via the Omadi Agent Pages.

Once the Action module is enabled:

  1. Go to the setup screen
  2. Select Properties in any form that you want to add an action to
  3. Select the Actions tab
  4. Select Add Action
  5. Label the Action, name the Button, and make sure the Form Type is correct

Field Updates

  • Field to Change: Select the field you wish to be effected by the action
  • Value: Select what value you want the field to be changed too.
  • Operation: "Set Value" to set the value when the button is pressed, or "Remove Value" to remove the value when the button is pressed.
  • Add Another Field: If you would like more than one field to be affected by this action, you can add as many as you need.
  • Remove: Removes the field.

Conditional Allow

  • Here you can choose whether or not to create a condition for the action. You can choose which field must meet which criteria in order for the action button to appear.


  • Here you can choose who has the ability to use the action button.
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