Florida DMV Integration



Omadi is now integrated with the Florida DMV. This allows a vehicle's DMV information to be pulled into Omadi. This includes information on the car's owner and vehicle details. Users must have security to access this functionality and can only access it on the web.

If a user has permissions and the integration is properly configured, a "Request DMV Info" button will appear on the left side bar when viewing a form. The button will appear once the job has reached the "At Tow Yard" status.


An Omadi Agent will need to enable the module in order for the a Site Admin to set up the integration. Once the module is enabled, the Admin does the following:

Enable Permissions for the Desired Role(s)

  1. Select Setup > Company Users > Permissions (Tab) > Check the roles to include for Requesting DMV Title Information

Map Integration

    1. Select Setup > Integrations > DMV
    2. Select Fields to Link Data - This page is titled: Configure DMV Requests. On the left, the admin will see the forms available to link data.
    3. When one of those forms is selected, specific terms will be displayed with drop down boxes below each one.
    4. Select the appropriate form field for each term. Some terms may not be able to match. In this case, please contact your Omadi Support Agent for help on this matter.
    5. When finished, click Save.
    6. The system will automatically check to see if the license plate is valid when the admin attempts to pull the data.
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