RN-100043: Form Locking



Site Admin users now have the ability to lock forms. Locking a form prevents it from being edited or deleted by any user or system processes. Locking is configured using Omadi's action functionality. Triggers can be used to automate form locking when certain criteria is met.

On a locked form, all action buttons will be hidden form users. However, site admin will have an unlock action button on the form view screen.   


  1. Go to the setup screen
  2. Select Properties on any form
  3. Select the Actions tab
  4. Select Add Action
  5. Configure a new Lock Form action button by doing the following on the Fields Update Tab:
    • Set Fields to Change to Form Lock
    • Set Value to Locked
    • Set Operation to Set Form Lock State
  6. [Optional] Add this action to a trigger to automate the locking process
  7. Click Submit to finish
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