How to Update a call to GOA.

In order to update a call to a GOA, the driver will need to update the Service Type to GOA (for motor club calls) on the call and Discontinue the call.  From the job screen, the driver will need to click on the job and then choose the Edit option.

GOA_job.png     Goa_edit_call.png

Then the driver will need to change the Service Type to GOA and the save the ticket by clicking Actions and then Save.


Once the job is saved you can discontinue the job by clicking on the job and selecting Discontinue Job. Then select Gone on Arrival from the Discontinued list.  

Discontinue_1.png      discontinued_2.png

On the Jobs screen, the job will show that it is discontinued. It will disappear a few minutes after it was updated to discontinued.


If a dispatcher needs to discontinue the call, the dispatcher will need to edit the ticket by clicking on the arrow on the right side of the Job and select Edit.


Then, in the Dispatch Tab, select Job complete for the dispatcher status and in the timing information section select Gone on Arrival for the job discontinued field.



If the Job is for a motor club the service type will also need to be changed to GOA on the main tab.


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