Beta App- Accepting Digital Dispatches on Mobile

When a new digital dispatch call comes in click on the Headset Icon and then on All Jobs. The new job will appear  under Pending. Click on the arrow next to the job. Then click on Respond as shown in the third photo.  

GO_to_job_screen.png ISS_1.png iss_2.png

Choose to either accept or reject the call, and then select an eta.

Screenshot_2017-09-12-14-48-39.png      Screenshot_2017-09-12-14-50-03.png

The job will then appear under the Dispatch drop down where you will click on it to edit the job (Do NOT click on the X). This is important because this is how you will assign a driver to this job.

101.png     102.png

To assign a driver to the job, in the Dispatch tab, click "send dispatch request to" and then choose a driver from the list. Once the job is saved, it will alert the driver of the new job. 

103.png   104.png   105.png

To save the job make sure that everything in red is filled out in the Dispatch and second tabs (in photos below the second tab is labeled as Gieco) and then click on the 3 vertical dots at the top right of the page and then press Save

106.png   113.png   114.png

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