Mobile Signature Capturing Workflow

To capture a signature for payment on the app follow these steps:


  1. Click on the desired ticket, then choose to either Edit or Update Status to the next step (i.e. At Scene or At Destination). Scroll down to the Payer Information region and click on it to expand the region. Click on the Sign Now button under Signature.

  2. This will open a pop up window with a signature pad, where your client will be able to sign.

  3. Once saved, the signature will show on the ticket.

  4. You will be able to see the signature from the web version once the ticket is saved. The web version will also show the time and geostamp for the signature if the signature was captured on a mobile or tablet device.

    On the ticket, click on the payment tab and in the Payer information tab you will be able to see the signature.

  5. If you click on the signature a window will popup and you will be able to see the time stamp as well as the option to see the photo location.

  6. When you click on view photo location it will take you to new window with google maps pulled up to the location of the signature.

You can also can see the GPS location from the revisions. From the ticket, click on the revisions tab button on the upper right hand side of the page. In the revision that the signature was recorded, click on the blue “View GPS Location” link. This will pull up the same google maps window with the location of the Phone GPS when the signature was saved.



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