Client Portal- New Approving Tags Work Flow

In the client portal all expired tags that are waiting manager approval can be found under Approve Tags in the black Header Bar.



Tags are sorted from oldest to newest, this can not be changed. This will help managers clear out the older tags first.

Select which tags to approve and enter the date the tagged vehicle can be towed in the “Enforcement Time After Approval” Date field. Once the page is saved all approved tags will appear in the Approved tab.

You can use the Approved tab to see which Tags are waiting for action from the towing company. Once the tag is approved you can move up the date to tow it by changing the “Enforcement Time After Approval” again.

This will help property managers to distinguish which tags need approval and which tags are approved and waiting to be towed.


If you have the “in Compliance” feature turned on, you can also mark which cars are in compliance instead of approving them. Once the page is saved all tags marked as “in compliance” will appear in the “in compliance” tab.


If you require confirmation information for your tags, a window will pop up asking for your required fields for authorization after you press the submit button.


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