Beta App - Dispatching From Mobile

From the home screen of the app click on the head set at the top menu bar.

Once you are in the headset screen click on the All Jobs tab, then click the plus sign to create a new dispatch.

Make sure to fill out everything in red, as well as the Send Dispatch Request To  field, to assign the job to a driver.

   GO_to_job_screen.png    Beta_add_dispatch.png   Send_disaptch_to_driver.png

Once you choose the job type on the dispatch screen, another tab will appear for the Job Type you chose. Make sure to fill out everything in red on that tab as well.

Choose_job_type.png    Tow_form_tob.png

To save and dispatch the tow to the driver, click on the blue actions button and press save.

Actions.png    Save.png

If you have filled out the send dispatch request to field, the driver will be alerted of the call and he will have to go to the Headset page as well to accept the job and then he can progress through the call normally.

Assigned_to_driver.png      Accepting_job.png     UPdate_status.png

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