RN-100067 Whiterail Reviews Integration


Companies with a Whiterail Reviews subscription can now integrate directly with Omadi. The integration collects tow information from jobs in Omadi and sends them as an email to Whiterail. Whiterail uses that information to contact the customer and receive feedback on the specific tow job.


Video Tutorial



  • Create a new Company User named "Whiterail"
  • Work with our tech support team to know which tow form email and phone number fields should be sent to Whiterails, namely which "Name", "Phone #", and "Email" fields to use, and when they need to be required. Create new fields if needed. 
  • Create a new Instant Form Save alert for the desired tow form (ie, Account, PD, PPI, etc.)
  • Set ‘alert on these form transitions’ value to desired tow status
    • Note: Will most likely be “At Destination” unless the customer designates otherwise
  • Set ‘send to’ to CRM user to the Whiterail user we created above
  • Set ‘send from’ email address as default
  • Set email subject to "6264849ea8eb479b999dd02db433d808" and NOTHING else
  • Set criteria to the Phone # field above is "filled" (this can also be the "Email" field if they are sending the reviews that way. NOTE: Whiterail reviews are most successful when it is sent as an SMS via phone)
  • Set email body to:
    • partner_client_id: {first part of Omadi subdomain}
      call_id: [gen:Invoice#]
      customer_name: [gen:Bill_To]
      customer_id: 486
      company_location: Main Office
      reviewer_first_name: Customer [gen:Receiving_Person_Name]
      reviewer_mobile_phone: [gen:Receiving_Person_Phone_Number]
      reviewer_email: [gen:Receiving_Person_Email]
      employee1_first_name: [gen:Driver:First_Name]
      employee2_last_name: [gen:Driver:Last_Name]
  • Verify with our tech support team that all tokens are working and pulling in correct information.
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