Beta App

Logging In/Out

  • After downloading the Omadi app, open it and input the following information:
    • Client Account: The Company’s Omadi account name (what comes before ".omadi.com")
    • Username: Username provided by Tow company
    • Password: Provided By Tow Company
    • Agree with terms of service by clicking the check box
    • Click login - First initial Login may take a few minutes to boot up and sync information.
    • Every time after the first log in, you only need to type in your password.
    • Logging out
      • Go to the Home Page and click on side_arrow.png next to your name on the top of the page. 
      • The logout button will only appear on the Home Page. 

 Beta_Log_in_1.png  Beta_Login_2.png  Beta_home.png


Vehicle Sign In and Out

  • Upon log in, Omadi will ask you to select a vehicle.
    • Select the vehicle you will be driving
    • Perform a Pre-Trip Inspection by reviewing the previous (if any)

 Beta_vehicle.png  Beta_no_inspection.png  Beta_signature.png

  • When you’re finished with a vehicle, go to the Home Page and select the X next to the vehicle description.
  • Perform a Post-Shift Inspection when prompted.
  • From the Home Page, click the + next to the assigned vehicle section to sign into another vehicle. NOTE: It will say “No Vehicle” if you are not currently signed into a vehicle.

beta_sign_out_of_truck.png  Beta_post_inspecition.png  Beta_add_vehicle.png

Reset all data

Reset all data if syncing is not working properly. (i.e. jobs are not appearing when they should.)

  • To reset all data:
    • Go to the home page 
    • Click on the Menu button 
      • Scroll down
      • Click on the Reset All Data option.
      • Confirm you want to reset all data by clicking Delete It.
  • It will take a few minutes to restore.

Beta_settings.png   Beta_reset_everything.png


Tow Job Workflow

Track progress throughout job.

    • From the home page click on Dispatch Headset Icon at the top of the screen.
  • Select the Check_mark.png next to a job from the My Jobs board to accept the Job. You’ll have a few seconds to undo your selection in case you accept a Job by mistake.    

Beta_head_phone.png  Beta_direct_call.png  Beta_undo.png

  • Navigate to job
    • Will navigate to scene through google maps.
    • To get back to App, go to phone’s home screen or app drawer and click on the omadi app. You may also select Omadi from your recent apps to reopen it.

Beta_direct_call_2.png  Beta_navigate.png

  • Update Status
    • To update the status, push on the next Up_arrow.png to the job.
    • The Status should be updated for each phase of the job (Driving to Job, Arrived at Job, Towing Vehicle, and Arrived at Destination).

Beta_direct_call_3.png  Beta_Update_status_1.png

  • At scene
    • Once at scene, fill out information about job/car. Everything in red is required and must be filled in before the data can be saved.
    • To save your work, after filling in all required information At Scene, go to Actions and click save.

Beta_at_scene_1.png  beta_at_scene.png  beta_save.png 

  • Discontinue Job
    • Reasons a Job can be discontinued: Gone on arrival, expired, ETA too long, Refused the job, Failed to complete. Please contact a manager or dispatcher to discontinue a job.
  • At Tow Yard (or At Destination)
    • Fill out required information
    • Click on Actions to save.

beta_at_destination.png  Beta_save_2.png  beta_actions.png

Job Complete

Update Status to Job Complete. This will remove the job from your My Jobs board and close the job.

Beta_update_status_3.png  Beta_job_complete.png   beta_no_jobs.png    


View Recent Jobs

  • To view Recent Jobs
    • On the Home Page click on the Clock.png in the options bar at the top of the page
      • Can search for old jobs/ actions
      • Two different views.
  • Recently Viewed
    • Anything you have recently viewed.
    • Not just being on a page, actually pressing view.
  • Recently Saved
    • Any action you’ve saved most recently.

beta_clock.png  Beta_recent_actions.png  Beta_search.png

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