Field Settings

*Please use discretion before changing field settings. Fields work together and if one field is changed it can can change the functionality of multiple fields. 

The Ability to edit the settings of fields is only available to the Site Admin role. To access Field Settings click on the Grey Gear on the Black Header bar to get to the setup page. From there, choose a tow form and click on Fields. Find desired field.



To edit a particular Field, hover over the Right Side of the field and a Grey Gear will appear. Click on the gear to access the drop down menu, click on Edit Field.


There are typically 5 tabs with options to edit the field, as well as an option on the right side to edit the List Items in the field. These tabs consist of General, Options, Permissions, Dispatch, and Advanced.


General Tab

In the General tab the name of the Field is designated.

To make the field Always Required  check the box at the bottom of the tab.


Options Tab

This tab can change dramatically from field to field, depending on the type of field it is. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THIS TAB. The slightest change  in the tab could dramatically change the functionality of the field.  If you feel the need to change something in this tab, please contact support before you do so.

Permissions Tab

Permissions determine who has what kind of access to the field. By checking the Enforce Field Permissions  checkbox, you can set unique permissions to the field.  Click HERE to learn more about permissions.



Dispatch Tab

This tab allows you to determine if a field will be available at dispatch by checking the first checkbox as shown below.

You can also make sure that it is always required at dispatch, or required when the conditional requirements in the advanced tab are met by checking either one of the last two checkboxes.


Advanced Tab

The first section of this tab allows you to require the field when the condition(s) created here are met. In the example below, the field would only be required when completion time was filled.

In the second section of this tab, you can make the field pull in default values from parent forms. This means that you can choose to have information from another form pull into this field automatically. A good example of this is the Fee Schedule field. By default when a Bill To is chosen on a tow ticket the Fee Schedule field will automatically fill with the Fee Schedule that is linked to that particular Bill To.   


List Items

Not all fields will have this option, only Amounts Fields (like Line Item Charges or Adjustments) or Item Lists (like Tow Type or Vehicle Color).

On the right hand side of the screen click on List Items, to view and edit the list items associated with the field.


To add items, simply click the blue button labeled Add Item.  To edit or delete Items click on the option you want under the Operations column (as shown below).  Not all of the items can be deleted from the main screen, but they can be in the editing setting of the item. Be aware that adding or deleting Items in one field can change the lists of the same field across different forms. Also removing or adding items to fields such as Vehicle Class may mess up calculations in place. For example, Tow Fee is typically dependent on which Vehicle Class is selected, if you remove one that fee will not pull in, if you add an extra one there is no calculation in place yet so when you select that class it won’t automatically pull the correct Tow Fee.


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