General Purpose of Form: A vehicle towed to yard which is then moved to a secondary location, but the billing remains linked on one ticket. By default this is only available on Police Tows.


How To Dispatch a ReTow

Find the original PD Ticket, release the vehicle from the yard for Release To you will select Dropped at Other Yard, then on the top left hit the Create ReTow button.


This will create a new dispatch that is  linked to that original tow. Some information will copy over from the original tow, such as Vehicle Information. You’ll notice there is a field called Original Tow. This will fill in with a link to the original ticket in the Omadi system. Now proceed with the dispatch normally.


When the call is complete you can find the ticket under Tow Tickets then ReTow in the black menu bar. When you view the ticket it will tell you that it was generated from a PD ticket on the top left.Creating_retow_3.png

When you view your original PD Ticket, there will be a similar notice at the top of the ticket that it has been copied to a Retow. You will also notice the Retow Date and Retow Link have updated with the time of the Retow and a link to the Retow. When you go to bill on this ticket you will want to edit it and select Yes to Combine with Original Invoice. This will add the charges from the Retow ticket to the PD ticket. If you don’t want to combine the charges simply select No.


If you are going to combine the charges, the invoice generated should be Invoice with ReTow Charges.


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