How do I edit my PDF templates and invoices?

All of the PDF templates are located Under Documents and Email Templates in the setup page (grey gear> Documents and Email Templates.)


From the Documents are Email Templates page you will be able to choose which PDF you would like to edit (depends on role permissions).


Our PDF editor acts like a very basic document editor. You have the ability to add/change text, and add rows or columns to tables.


How do I add a field from my ticket onto the invoice?

Any information that is closed in by brackets is called token (i.e. [_:Bill_To] ).  Tokens pull in relevant information from the current ticket. Tokens can be pulled into the PDF by selecting from the drop down fields below the editor and clicking Insert.


A good example of this, is the disclaimer verbiage. When you enter text in the Disclaimer Verbiage Field in My Organization, that text will appear on the invoice where the Disclaimer verbiage token is placed.

1.My Organization>Disclaimer Verbiage


2.Disclaimer Verbiage Token in PDF editor


3.PDF verbiage shows on Ticket invoice



What do I do if the template gets messed up?

If the editor format breaks, gets messed up, or you want to go back to a previously saved Version, use the revisions button on the top right of the page.


Choose the version you would like to revert to, then click the blue revert button on the right hand side of the selected revision.


If someone at your company has html/css experience, the source button at the top left of the HTML editor is another way to edit the PDF. But more complex changes that can not be completed by using the basic editor, or adding a template to their account (ie; a state form or lien letter), should be forwarded to our support team.

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