How to Accept Digital Dispatches

How to Accept Digital Dispatches

In order to accept digital dispatches, the dispatch live status will need to be open, this should be done in a separate tab. When a digital dispatch comes in, and the dispatch live status is open, you will hear a loud “ding” sound. Once the dispatch comes in, a user will  have 90 seconds to accept, refuse, or acknowledge the call before it expires.  There is also an option to request a phone call from the Motor Club by selecting the “call” option. To accept the dispatched call , in a new tab, go to the dispatch live status (not the tab containing the live status that was opened earlier for the purpose of monitoring for new dispatches) ), the call will appear flashing crimson.


Click accept.


After the call is accepted, you will be prompted to input an ETA.


After the ETA is input, the call will be processed and if the motor club accepts the ETA, the call will be able to be dispatched to drivers. 

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