Tagging Process - Mobile

  1. Locate Tag in the main menu on the mobile app, hit the plus button to the right of the Tag icon, and fill in required information.
  2. When creating a tag, the user will be prompted to enter the number of hours before the tag expires. The number entered will designate the amount of time that will need to pass before the tagged vehicle is ready for further enforcement. If the Property Manager has been set up with a Client Login, they will have the ability to login to the Client Portal and either approve or deny further enforcement on tagged vehicles. Once the tag reaches the allotted number of hours (entered in the Hours Before Tag Expires field) and has been approved, it will be listed in the Expired section on the mobile app so Tow Drivers will know that they are ready for the next phase of enforcement action.  
  3. Access expired and approved tags on the mobile app by selecting the Expired button located in the black menu bar at the bottom of the main menu.
  4. After choosing a Tag from the Expired list, a Driver can locate the vehicle and determine whether or not it should be towed. 

Tagging_1.PNG          Tagging_2.PNG


5. The Expired Tags screen will show expired tags arranged by property.

6. If a vehicle is still in violation and ready to be towed, it can then be copied to a PPI by choosing it in the Expired list or Tag list and selecting Copy to PPI.

7. After completing the PPI, make sure to perform the Tag Check in order to keep your expired list accurate. A Tag Check can be performed by choosing the Tag from the expired list and selecting Tag Check. During the Tag Check, the Driver will designate the status of the vehicle and whether or not it was towed. They can also document whether or not the vehicle is still in violation. This process is essential to maintaining a reliable expired list!

8. If you are not towing the tag then hit Tag Check and update the status to why it wasn’t towed. Again this drops the tag from the expired tags screen, but you should be able to see it still in Recent on the bottom black bar.

tagging_3.PNG           Tagging_4.PNG


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