Omadi makes managing hourly payroll and driver commissions easy. When creating new users, managers can input the hourly rates for each user, along with an option to enter either a flat rate commission or a percentage/tow rate. For instructions on entering company users into your Omadi page, click here.


What Types of Commission Rates are Offered by Omadi?

Omadi offers a choice between a flat or percentage commission rate on a per tow basis. Commission rates may be entered for each specific Driver in their Company User Profile. [Click Here] to learn more about managing Company Users.

How does Omadi calculate hourly payroll?

The hourly rate for each user is multiplied by the number of hours they've documented by clocking in and out in Omadi. Managers have the ability to remind a user to clock in/out when logging in or out of the mobile app by selecting the "Remind to Clock In/Out" checkbox in their user profile.


Where can I see time cards?

Drivers using the mobile app can click on Time Card to view their personal time card. Drivers who forgot to clock in are advised to clock in on the app and then notify their manager to adjust their time accordingly.


Managers wishing to see the time card report forall hourly employees can do so by hovering over Reports and then clicking on Timecard Report. The report can be filtered to show a specific date range and/or specific users using the filtering options located at the top of the report.

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