Impounding/Releasing Vehicles

How to Impound a Tow

When dispatching a new tow through Omadi, make sure the “store at yard” field is set  to the desired tow yard. If “Store at Yard” is empty, the vehicle won’t show up as impounded. If your personal tow yards are not entered, click here for instructions on inputting tow yards.


Once the tow ticket has reached At Destination (or in some cases At Tow Yard) the driver will need to select yes for the Impound at Yard field. If the Impound at Yard = No, it will skip the release step for the tow.


Once the tow is saved it will appear in the Vehicles in Any Yard list view. (Views> Vehicles in Any Yard)  


How to Release Vehicles Through Omadi?

From the Vehicle in Any Yard list view , find the tow that needs to be released  by using the multi-form search bar. Once the tow is found, on the right side of the tow  click “release”.


Omadi will prompt you to fill in any needed release and payment information, listed under the “release” and “payment” tabs.


After a vehicle is released, it will no longer appear in the “Vehicles in Any Yard” view.

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