Entering Old Tows into Omadi

To input an old tow in manually, hover over tow tickets >desired tow type >dispatch new tows> at destination (may be tow yard on some tickets).


You will be taken to a screen that looks similar to the dispatch page, but it will require more information. Fill out everything that is in red as well as any other pertinent information, make sure to the change the dispatch status to Job Complete, then you can press save.


Once you press save you will be taken to the dispatch dashboard. You can find the ticket you just put in by looking at the recent action list view.

Another way to input an old tow into Omadi is to create a dispatch for the tow, and then from the dispatch dashboard, skip to at destination. To do this, create a new dispatch for the tow as you would if you were going to dispatch it to a driver. Once the dispatch is created, from the dispatch dashboard hover your mouse over the arrow on the tow. This will give you a drop down list, click on At Destination.


This will direct you to the tow and will require you to fill out more information. Make sure to change the dispatch status to Job Complete in the Dispatch tab of the ticket.



Once the tow is saved, release and/or audit the vehicle.

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