RN-100063: TomTom Pro 8 Integration


Omadi now supports running its app on the TomTom Pro 8275 device. It is available via their Mobile Device Manager. This will run the full Omadi app directly on your TomTom Pro 8 device eliminating the need for drivers to use their phone. 

pro 827x front truck en:w500:h300pro 827x front driving view:w500:h300


  • To connect your individual units to Webfleet servers, have an Omadi agent access this document.
  • After connecting your units to Webfleet, access your individual Omadi domain
  • Go to your setup page by clicking the gray gear
  • Click on the "Integrations" icon
  • Under "Other Service," click "TomTom"
    • Note: If you don't see "TomTom" under "other service," contact our Support team to enable it.
  • Select "Link Webfleet Account" and click "save." This links your domain to your account.
    • Important: To register individual vehicles with units, proceed to the next step
  • Return to the "Integrations" page by clicking on the gray gear and then the "Integrations" icon
  • Click on "TomTom" under "Other Service"
  • Click "Link Webfleet Vehicles" to link vehicles
  • Select from the TomTom vehicles on the right to assign each vehicle in Omadi to a TomTom vehicle
    • Note: To assign these values, you must have your fleet recorded in Omadi. Click here to learn how to do that.


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