RN-100062: Mass Statement Creation


Statements can now be created for multiple clients at once. During creation the included invoices can be either all outstanding invoices or all new invoices (invoices that have not been attached to a previous statement). A due date can also be assigned to all the newly created statements.

To mass create statements do the following:

  1. Navigate to the aged receivables report (/reports/receivables/view).
  2. Select the accounts to create a statement for by clicking the checkbox next to the account's name. (you may select all accounts by clicking the top checkbox).
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the aged receivables report and select Create Statements. The following will appear:
  4. Select the due date and the invoices that should be attached to the statements.
  5. Click create. 

Once created, a list of the created statements will be shown. At this point a user can mass print the statements through the mass actions drop-down box, located at the bottom right of the list.


This change is automatic and cannot be configured.


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