Motor Club Pricing

Create Motor Club Pricing to record valuable information for motor clubs you work with on a regular basis using tow forms in Omadi. 

To begin, hover your mouse over the Customers box in the Black Bar and click on the Motor Club Pricing option. 


That will take you to a list view showing all the motor clubs you currently have entered in Omadi. Click on New Motor Club Pricing to create a new entry. Alternatively, if you are looking to Edit an existing Motor Club Pricing, click Edit on the chosen motor club. 


When creating a New Motor Club Pricing, feel free to include as much or as little information as necessary. Fields displayed with red text are required. Note the Contractor and Location ID fields, especially if you are using Digital Dispatch. Keeping track of this information will make the integration setup easier. 


Below the Club Information section of the form are other sections that allow you to input additional pricing information. Be sure to review all the fields in each section to account for all types of fees, including tow, service, mileage, and storage fees. 




Once you've entered in that information, click save. You will now be able to select that entry while creating Club Tows. This will allow you to track tows by Motor Club, further automate pricing, and even create statements for specific accounts by using Omadi's Aged Receivables feature. Click THIS LINK to learn more about Statements and Aged Receivables in Omadi. 






































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