Dispatching Account Tow FAQ's


This article consists of definitions and information to explain how specific fields in the Account Tows Dispatch function in Omadi.

Bill To

This field pulls information from the Bill To chosen from the drop down menu. Once a Bill To is chosen, and as long as the information is filled out in the Bill To, the Fee Schedule, AP Email, and Billing Notes will auto-populate.


Requested By

This field references your Contacts. You can enter a new Contact Profile on the black menu bar under Customers, then Contact Profile. A Contact Profile is used when you have a Bill To company that has multiple contacts or locations that you would like to reference.


You can then pull the address from the Contact Profile into your Tow Destination Address by clicking the Requested By button above the address field. The Requested By Email Address also pulls from this form once the requested by is selected.


AP Email

This field is for the Accounts Payable email. This can be manually typed in when dispatching, or when inputting customers under Bill To, there is a space for AP Email. If this is filled in on the Bill To, then when the Bill To is selected when dispatching the AP Email will auto-populate with the AP Email entered in that particular Bill To.


Billing Notes

The Billing notes field is a place to enter any pricing information that does not fit in our Fee Schedules. By referencing this field, a user will know how to price out the tow manually using the Line Item charges and Hourly charges fields. When entering a customer under Bill To, there is a space to enter Billing Notes.


Site Look Up

On the black header bar, if you hover over customers and then choose Site at the bottom of the list, this page will allow you to add sites you frequent, but are not an official property you tow for. Once you create a site on this page, when you are dispatching a tow you can type in the site into this field and it will auto populate the address for you. This helps to make dispatching a faster and more efficient process.



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