Police Departments

How is the Police Department form used?

Using the Police Department form in Omadi is the best way to keep track of essential information about the police departments you work with. In addition, the Police Department form can allow you to set up pricing to automatically populate in your PD tow tickets by using Fee Schedules

To create a new Police Department entry, find the black bar at the top of any Omadi screen. Hover your mouse over Customers and click on Police Department. That will take you to a list view of all the police departments you currently have in your system. Click on New Police Department to get started. 


Fill out the Create Police Department form with all the necessary information marked with red, as well as any other useful details. Note that the selection you make in the Fee Schedules field will determine what pricing is automatically applied to all tows performed with this Police Department selected. 


When you have finished, click Save on the lefthand side of your screen. Your PD calls will now include this Police Department as a selection during the dispatch process. 

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