How to Dispatch a Tow

Dispatch Workflow

  • Click on New Dispatch  on the grey bar at the top of the page
  • OR hover mouse over the Dispatch button on the black bar
    • Click New DispatchHow_to_Dispatch_a_Tow1.png

*Anything in Red has to be filled before a dispatch can be saved. Some fields will auto populate depending on the type of call.

There are 5 different sections to fill out when dispatching a call

Call Information

  • The only field that needs to be selected in this section is Job Type, The dispatcher field will auto populate with the user who created the call.
  • The Dispatch status does not need to be changed- it will update automatically as the call progresses. 


Tow Information

  • The only required fields in this section are Bill to and Service Type
    • Bill to pulls information from the Bill To's Page and once selected it will auto populate AP Email, Billing Notes, and Fee Schedule
    • Requested By pulls from Contact Profile and will auto populate the Requested By Email Address Field
    • Contact Name and Phone is where you can put in the contact information of the customer for your driver.




Location Information

  • Our address fields are linked to Google Maps, and if you put in a valid address it will fetch the mileage and a route to and from the tow. 
    • You can pull in an address quickly by using the Site look-up, Bill to and Requested by Fields.


Vehicle Information

  • The only required fields for this section are the vehicle class and vehicle make and model.
    • For vehicle the first spot is for make, and the second is for model. 


Charge Information

  • Mileage will populated by pressing the fetch button, and Fee schedule will auto populate from the bill to. 
  • Once you have all the required information and any extra charges input, click the recalculate button to see an estimate for total charges.


Click Save


After Saving, new dispatch will Appear on the Dispatch Dashboard where it can be assigned to additional or different driver/s.

  • You can assign a driver one of the following ways
    • Click Dispatch on the call and select a driver from the list, they will be sorted by ETA. Click Dispatch Now.
    • Click and drag the call and drop it on the driver you wish to dispatch to.



A New Dispatch can be created from this page in the upper left hand Corner.


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