Bill To's

Create Bill To's to record valuable information for customers you work with on a regular basis using the Account Tow form in Omadi. 

To begin, hover your mouse over the Customers box in the Black Bar and click on the Bill To's option. That will take you to a list view showing all the customers you currently have entered in Omadi. Click on New Bill To's to create a new entry. 


When creating a Bill To's, feel free to include as much or as little information as necessary. In the first section, titled Shop Information, Omadi requires that you enter the Commercial Account Name, setting whether or not a PO # is required, as well as indicating what Fee Schedule or Motor Club Pricing is associated with the Bill To's. These required fields display in red text. If you have not yet created Fee Schedules, you can select the default Fee Schedule entry, or click HERE to review how to create Fee Schedules in Omadi. 


The second section, Billing Contact Information, provides a space for you to record any contact information you have for the account. 

The final section Addresses is separated into two parts, a Billing Address and a Shop Address. These can commonly be the same address, but in some cases the Shop (or physical) address can be different from a billing address. 

Once you've entered in that information, click save. You will now be able to select that entry while creating Account Tows. This will allow you to track tows by Bill To's, further automate pricing, and even create statements for specific accounts by using Omadi's Aged Receivables feature. Click HERE to learn more about Statements and Aged Receivables in Omadi. 


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