Fee Schedules


How are Fee Schedules used?

Fee Schedules are the ideal way to setup pricing to automatically populate in your tow tickets. By default, Omadi automatically calculates the following using Fee Schedules:

  • Tow Fees
  • Service Fees
  • Storage Fees
  • Mileage Fees

Multiple customers/properties/police departments can use the same Fee Schedule if all of the pricing information is shared by the customers. Omadi recommends creating a separate, default fee schedule for each tow type. For example, the Account Tow fee schedule will not be the same as the fee schedule for Police tows.


What should I do if my pricing changes?

If your pricing changes, you should create a new fee schedule and associate the new fee schedule with your customers/properties/police department. (You can mass update a field from a list view.) Do not make changes to existing fee schedules as this will cause your existing tow tickets to have incorrect historical data.

How do I create a new Fee Schedule?

1. Navigate to the New Fee Schedules window by following Black Menu Bar > Customers > Fee Schedules > New Fee Schedules. (Screenshot below.)


2. Enter the Fee Schedule Pricing Label and Effective Date.


3. Enter Call Pricing tow fees by vehicle class, drop fees, service fees by vehicle class, and sales tax rate. 


4. Enter Storage Pricing information with daily storage rates, free storage hours, lien fee information and the after hours release fee information in this section. By default, after hours are configured to be from 5 pm - 8 am. Ask your Implementation Specialist for more information on how to configure storage pricing.


5. Mileage Pricing is the last region to enter pricing information. The left column is for Enroute Miles, and the right column is for Loaded Miles. Note that the first field is for the number of FREE MILES and the next field down the column is for the rate charged per mile.



How do I edit a Fee Schedule?

CAUTION: Do not make changes to existing fee schedules unless you want it to change pricing on historical tow tickets. Changing a fee schedule may cause your existing tow tickets to have incorrect historical data. Omadi advises contacting support if you are unsure about editing a Fee Schedule.

If you are confident that you want to edit a Fee Schedule, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Fee Schedules list by following Black Menu Bar > Customers > Fee Schedules > List. (Screenshot below.)


2. Click "edit" on the Fee Schedule that you would like to edit


How do I change the pricing for other fields that are not in the Fee Schedule?

Additional pricing options will be accounted for as line items using amounts fields for flexible pricing. Click HERE for more information on Price Items.

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