Omadi offers powerful fleet management tools that begin with the Truck list. Adding your trucks to the Truck List in Omadi gives you the ability to see which truck performed every tow in Omadi. In addition, Omadi allows you to record and track truck inspections, and even set up automatic notifications for the next needed service for specific trucks, based on odometer readings. 

To add your trucks into Omadi, find the black bar at the top of your screen and hover over the Fleet option. Click on Truck List to access the list view of all the trucks you currently have in Omadi. To add new trucks, click on the New Truck option.



That will take you to a Create Truck entry form that will allow you to enter all the needed information for your truck. Only fields in red are required, so feel free to enter as much or as little information as you need. 



Based on odometer readings, Omadi can send you an email or text alert when maintenance is required for a specific truck. To set this up, be sure to enter the correct number for the Odometer of Next Service and then select the Send Alert Next Trigger checkbox. 


That will then automatically send an email alert to all site admins and general managers as soon as the truck reaches the set odometer reading, as recorded in the truck inspections performed in Omadi. To learn more about the truck Inspection form, click THIS LINK.

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