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Omadi offers its users the ability to reset their password if it is forgotten. This feature is accessible to all users, both company and client. The process is simple:


In the top right corner of the login screen on the website, these options will be found:


Click on the "Request new password link". The page will direct the user to enter either the username or email address to confirm the identity of the user.




After the username or email is entered, and the "E-mail new password" button is pressed, the user will be redirected back to the login screen, and this message will appear at the top:


The user will receive an email to the email address on file for their user that will include a link. This link will allow the user direct access back into Omadi, and will link them to their user profile, where they will be able to change their password. Once that new password is entered, verified, and saved, the user will log into Omadi with that new password.

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