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Omadi offers users the ability to search for an entry using the information found in any of the fields within that form. When searching in this way, partial matches will be found, unlike when the Global Search is used, where an exact match must be used.

How to Use Form Search Feature

When viewing a list of form entries by clicking on the Form Name from the black bar along the top of the screen, click on the "Form Search" bar to expand the search options. This bar will display the form type to ensure the user knows which form type is being searched.


When this bar is opened, a few of the form fields will be displayed by default to allow the user to search by entries in that field. For example, if a user were searching for a vehicle with a license plate ending in "X23", they can enter that information in the "License Plate Plate Contains" field and click search to find matches. Below, the setup of the default form search boxes will be covered.


To search within other fields in the form, click on the "More Search Fields" option.


This will display all the fields that are not included in the default search options as buttons. To search within these fields, simply click on the field name to search, enter the information to search with, and click search. It will look something like this:




How to Set up Form Search Boxes

To edit the default search fields, follow the instructions here to get to the Form Properties. Once there, select the "Search Fields" option in the left table.


Once selected, the user will be able to select which fields display by default when the "Form Search" bar is expanded. There is no limit to the number of fields that can be displayed by default, but limiting the default fields to those fields that are most commonly used to search will make searching most efficient.


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