Camera Functions

The Omadi app allows a user to make use of either the native camera on a mobile device or the Omadi app camera when taking photos for an entry. The process to toggle these options is simple, and examples of both Android and iOS devices will be provided.


The first step is to go to the Actions menu of the Omadi app, which can be found on the main screen of the app, as shown here:




In the Actions menu, select the "Settings" option

Android_Actions.png   iOS_Actions.PNG



In the settings, find these toggles:

Android_Settings.png   iOS_Settings.PNG

If they are toggled off, the Omadi camera will be used; if toggled on the default Android or iOS camera will be used. These default cameras are the same cameras that are used when taking photos in the camera app on the device.

When a user is experiencing issues with one of the camera types, one of the first steps is usually to test out the other option.

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